What are Fishing Lumo Beads Used for?

Lumo beads are an essential fishing rig component that helps in attracting the fish. These beads come in various colours and sizes. Material options include brass, glass and plastic. There are various size options, such as 3mm, 5mm all the way up to 15mm. You can find these beads in oval, round or even spherical shape. Most of them are florescent or Lumo.

Attracts Fish

They are purposefully made with glow in the dark materials so that when they are used, they attracts fishes especially in the deep water.  Lumo beads are especially useful in case of deep waters. The deeper you go into the water, the darker it gets, and lumo beads can be helpful in these cases. the fish gets attracted by the colourful or glow in the dark beads.

Protect the knots

Secondly, Beads also act as protection to the knots on your fishing rig. Sinker and weight are delicate parts of a fishing rig, and beads protect them from breaking. When you use your fishing rig, it might rub against various surfaces. Having beads on the fishing rig protects it from rubbing against surfaces. It increases the life of the fishing rig.

Using Fishing Lumo Beads to protect Running Sinker Rig
How to use Fishing Lumo Beads

Professional anglers come up with some amazing techniques to catch fish. For instance, beads are commonly use in running sinker rigs. Most angler will use a soft bead in between the running sinker or ezi clip and the knot. The beads will stop or protect the knot from the running clip.

Tips: Most angler use White or Green Lumo Beads for night fishing because they are the brightest, and Pink or Orange for day time fishing.