Best Knot To Tie Braid To Mono Leader Depends On These Factors

Best Knot To Tie Braid To Mono Leader Depends On These Factors

Tying two different lines such as braids to monos often work because of the different tensile strength and type of material combinations. While braids tend to be a little slippery, monofilaments are smooth but with some stretch properties. To make it even more effective, use proper knots that will offer enough strength for heavy reel action.

Using them with knots will prove to be a useful combination in your coming trips. Today we’ll tackle four knots that seem to work best with these two types of lines. Each works in certain situations that call for joining a mono line to braid.

Bristol Knot

For braid to mono tieups, this knot offers good resistance for both lines. It is the preferred knot to join a line to a doubled line. It is also quick and easy, which comes in handy when in action at your fishing spots. It is also suitable for light tackle and moderate level-action.

It is a point of contention if this is the preferred easy-and-tough go-to knot or if the double uni knot is the best option. Both have their strengths but it will rest on the actual users who prefer one over the other. However, IGFA conducted tests where Bristol outperformed Uni and Albright on major counts of speed and convenience. The Bristol knot works best when a loose line end is joined to a loop-end line. 

FG Knot (our favourite)

The FG knot may be a recent knot technique, but it proves its overall usability in line connections. It is a preferred option for tying a leader to a main line. It’s also used for braid to leader knots for ample strength and pull resistance. It will also tolerate heavy braid connection combinations. You can use this knot for any combinations that include monos, braids, and fluoros. Anglers use these knots for added stability even with faster, heavier bait movement.

Alberto Knot

An Alberto Knot offers some tough and durable connections with several turns before you end the knot. In exchange for its strength is the slight complexity of executing the knot, which can be challenging when you’re on a boat and trying to manage the action and elements. The knot involves double wrapping onto the end and pulling efficiently and carefully to bind and integrate the knot together.

Still, this impressive knot means business once you successfully apply its double-bound body for added security before the knot is completed. An example of this would be a heavy monofilament leader line which works well with this type of knot.

Slim Beauty Knot

Many prefer the Slim Beauty Knot over the FG and Alberto knots. They are a little less difficult to execute than both as well, even if they have similar styles of double wrapping. Many anglers use this knot for a very strong connection between a big diameter leader end line to a smaller diameter main line. The combination is used well by using a knot that fuses the small line to the overall strength of the bigger line.

An SBK also works great when trying to cast a heavy line combination, usually a braid line connected to a mono leader. This knot proves effective for these different sized line combinations. But the knot may pose to be a challenge in tricky fishing situations.

Double Uni Knot

The double uni is considered to be the simplest knot to tie a mono to braid or mono to fluorocarbon combination lines. It works well and offers up to 90 per cent of the line strength. Some anglers may prefer the Bristol knot but use the double uni for joining two lines with the same diameter size.

More beginners and newbies might use this knot more depending if it is one of the first basic sets taught to them. While many consider it basic, it is true that it remains one of the best and strongest line to line connections you can use.