Best Fishing Spots in Rockingham, WA 2024

Top Fishing Spots in Rockingham, WA

G’day fishos! Rockingham is an angler’s dream tucked away in the Perth metro area. Only 45 minutes south of the big smoke, this little ripper of a town dishes up some awesome fishing thanks to its protected coastal waters. Cockburn Sound and the islands offshore mean you’re sheltered from the big swells, but still get plenty of action on the bite.

Let’s start with the land-based spots to try your luck:

Palm Beach Jetty

You can’t go past this long jetty poking right out into Cockburn Sound. It’s one of Rocko’s most popular spots for good reason. Gather a crew and cast out for picker, flatties, whiting, flounder, trevors and even a few calamari around the jetty lights after dark.

ASI Groyne and Boat Ramp Groyne
These solid groynes near the Cockburn ramp are prime lies for the highly-prized snapper and big muddies. When the nor-westers kick up after some rough stuff, the snapps often push right in close. Toss some 5-inch plastics over the outer walls and you could nail a cracking fish. The deeper waters inside can also cough up a stonker muddie after sundown on a vibe or two.

Point Peron

For a classic beach fishing sesh, head to Point Peron and its rocky headlands. This is prime turf for herring, sambos, trevors and when the salmon run is on during autumn, the big fellas will be busting up here too. A prospecting slug is hard to beat.

Shoalwater Point

You’ll find a neat little sandbar stretching all the way to Penguin Island off Shoalwater Point. Wade yourself out on the flats and work those classic flatty and whiting grounds with small plastics and little poppers. Deeper water closer in can also produce quality flathead and whiting.

Penguin Island

It’s a bit of a walk, but Penguin Island is a rippa spot well worth the hike. Beach worming and luring the shoreline with slugs will see you knocking off herring, sambos and if you’re on during the autumn salmon run, you could tangle with the bull of the school. Brace yourself!

Warnbro Beach

If you’re just after a nice easy beach fish, Warnbro Beach is the go. This stretch of sand fishes well for herring year-round when using minnows and slugs. You’ll also catch plenty of whiting here to fill the cooler.

Challenger Beach

Another quality herring beach is Challenger. The metal slug and shallow diving minnows will get you amongst them. While you’re at it, prospect those sandy edges with plastics for a flathead or two as well.

There’s just so many quality spots around Rockingham to dip a line, it’s become a real mecca for Perth’s land-based and boat anglers. Just make sure to check what’s on or off for fishing closures and regulations. With a bit of luck in timing, you could nail a monster snapper, hefty mulloway, rampaging salmon or just load up on a nice feed of herring or whiting. Flat out!