How to make a Pulley Rig for Surf Fishing

A pulley rig is easy to make, and tie one by yourself will help you save a lot of time and money. It is highly popular because it is one of the best methods for increasing the casting distance. To save some more money and make the most out of it in the process, you can purchase the equipment in bulk. By doing this, you can get various discounts and deals while buying.

Thanks to pulley rigs, you can now fish the channel or reef that you couldn’t get in the past because it was far off from your cast. It is a fantastic technique, and something that adds to this is that it is an all-in-one rig. Although its primary purpose is distance casting, the best thing is that you can also use it for a short distance or medium distance casts. 

With time, the demand for pulley rigs has increased to such an extent that it has become indispensable for a angler who wants to catch more and bigger fish.

There are numerous variations you can have in a pulley rig. However, the standard unit is always the same. So, let’s take a look at it, and then you can determine what’s best for you and modify it accordingly. 

Basic Pulley Rigs with Breakaway Clip

Basic Unit of a Pulley Rig

As the bait is clipped down during the flight when the rig comes in contact with the water, it gets released by the clip you choose. It is why the pulley rig gives the extra distance to your casting. According to a study, it helps your casts increase by a whopping 20 to 30%! 

Here is where you have to make some choices while building the rig. My preference is the Breakaway Impact Shield

Other than that, there is The Impact Clip and the Bos sinker. They come with an inbuilt casting clip. Both products function exceptionally well. However, the Impact Shield helps gain more distance because it provides a higher amount of aerodynamic shelter. 

Things to Remember 

It would be of great help if you remembered that the clip should be set in proximity with the sinker, no matter which one you are using. It is because the instability of your rig during flight increases. The more the distance between the sinker and the bait, the more the instability during flight. Not only will you lose length, but there are chances that the lure will get clipped off while casting due to the instability. 

Your bait will be set directly at the back of the sinker while using the BOS unit, and it is the only option. But, it is beneficial because the bait will get shelter from it. It is also the most pocket-friendly option because you will be getting the clip and the sinker together. As suggested by BOS, to ensure that the lure comes off properly, you must let many slacklines when the sinker hits the water. Keeping it simple is how you can achieve the best results in this situation!

Hooking up your bait with safety is of utmost importance while utilizing pulley rigs, mainly if you use harder bait like squid, pilchard, or whiting.

Tips that will Help

Considering the high amount of stress present at the line while casting the rig, line breakage can become an issue. Therefore, you must ensure that the strain is enough to avoid snap. 

For this rig, a 40lb tough mono leader is preferable. Also, swivels should be up to date with the trends. Some old-school barrels swivels might not strong enough and they are bigger than stronger rolling swivels. Keep in mind, if the goal is long distance, keeping the whole rig compact is the key.

Pulley Section

Now, let’s take a look at the rig’s pulley section. If you check the diagram, you’ll notice that I use a Perfect Pulley, because they make it mainly for pulley rigs. I highly recommend using it because it is the best among all options. Furthermore, you will notice the use of a large number of beads for making the rig. It is because they protect all the knots. Although all knots are uni, I crinkle on the axle that’s attached to the shock leader. 

Another thing that you’ll notice is that I either use Genie Twin Links or Genie Links for putting stuff together. Then reason I use it is that it helps me assemble things quickly. Not only that, but it also lets me make changes in the rig on the beach effortlessly. Because of it, I can clip and unclip a new bait and a fresh fish with ease. In no time, that bait will be ready to hit the water while you are taking care of the fish you just caught.