What You Should Know About Fishing Bells/Bite Alarms

To record success in fishing, you need the right kind of fishing gear, tools, and equipment. Talking of fishing gear, equipment, and tools, the discussion cannot be complete without mentioning fishing bells and bite alarms. If you have the right skills, you can get to make your fishing bells yourself. There are several ways by which you can get this done. The typically fishing bells are placed on an alligator clip with rubber tips that protect them from scratching up your rods.

To use your fishing bells or bite alarms, you clip it unto the rod, and whenever a fish bites it, the bells are going to jingle and you will hear the sounds. In other words, these bells or alarms are going to assist you in knowing when the fish nibbling your bait.

Some people think that it is cheating to fish with the bells or alarms, but that is not the case. The bells and alarms are totally necessary if you are doing your fishing with children. This is because fishing with children means you cannot concentrate on your fishing rod for long. Hence, using the fishing bells and bite alarms will help you greatly in knowing when a fish is hooked. So you can pay attention to your kids while also knowing what is going on with the fishing rod underwater. It is a win-win situation for you.

Fishing in the Dark

 However, it has to be pointed out that these fishing bells and bite alarms are not useful only when you are fishing with the kids. They are also extremely useful if you happen to be fishing at night and in the dark. Because everywhere is dark, you will not be able to see a thing, but with the bells, you are going to know exactly when a fish has been nabbed. It is a great way to be alert.

Fishing at night with fishing bells bite alarm with LED light.

Again, the fishing bells and bite alarms are very helpful in cases where you are fishing with multiple lines. For example, if you are fishing using like four fishing rods, there is no way on earth by which you can focus on all the seven lines at the same time. But when you use a fishing bell, it becomes very easy for you to know which line is active and which is not. Overall, bite alarms and fishing bells make your life a lot easier. By making use of the bells, you will know more than a fish just being on the line. The fishing bells and bite alarms allow us to know when there are bites. So, it is not just about the fish being on the line but also when you have bites. It is important to know when you have bites so you can know when you should check your bait. If you are interested in making your fishing bells, you need alligator clips, three-quarter-inch bells, shrink rank tubing, sautering iron, Sauter, a heat gun, and a pair of scissors. Alternatively, you can buy them from some online fishing tackle shop.