Sea-Doo Fish Pro 2021 – Review

Fishing Jetski – Seadoo Fish Pro Review

iDF Intelligent Debris Free Pump System
Garmin Echomap with fishfinder13.5-gallon(51 Litres) rear cooler
11.5 inches rear platform space

Would you rather fish in a traditional boat or a faster jetski with awesome modern fishing tools? Chill anglers will prefer the boat, but those who are more mobile and active may fit on perfectly with the sportfishing jetski named the Sea-Doo Fish Pro (17) 2021.

Review of its Features

This compact size jetski gives more active fishers and anglers a fast-paced, all-in fishing hub and water vehicle. You can dart off to nearby locations easily and set up instantly on found spots. Judging from its robust build and design it can be for all types of moderate level fishing and even swampy and slightly vegetated water formats.

At the initial look, the jetski looks average-sized, not too large, and at just the right amount of midsize with enough legroom. It can seat two comfortably, with enough leg space in its adequate sized and angled footrests. It also has enough passenger distance. Fishers can easily move and set up once you dock on a spot, and the back hub area with a medium-sized net with a holder, and other tools, in a cup and rod holder plus its 13.5-gallon (51-liter) cooler is so easy to access for quick setups.

Portable Spaces Included

The cooler is a highlight for most, with just enough space for a good catch and maybe some extra ice at the bottom. It also has a convenient back location that doesn’t add bulk, which is good. It has a medium-sized extra space and base beyond the box, for any additional space needs and medium to large-sized boxes.

Right up front as you hoist the handles, lies the front storage compartment with just enough space for extra tools, gear, footwear, water bottles, tackle-boxes, and other items. It remains watertight during use. There is an additional USB port version that allows charging of phones, go-pros, and other devices. From experience, it would be recommended to go for the USB version. Not only are you equipped with a digital navigation map, but you’re also armed for emergencies with a charged phone, and other essential devices, which is a great deal.

If that’s not enough, the rear gives an additional extra 11.5 inches (or 29 cm) of extra rear platform space, just enough for extra packages and extra supplies. The polar opposite of the weight distribution is a good functional design: it helps even more in balancing the jetski for stability if the back is loaded. This allows you to balance the weights from back and front.

Fish Finder Device

Its Garmin Echomap with fishfinder combo is an invaluable tool. The sufficient 6-inch touchscreen helps track proper fish areas, helps you navigate safely, and also chart the area. This is another highlight for many buyers with its digital assistance that keeps you knowledgeable about distance and lets you avoid dangerous areas. And of the course, the main highlight of this touchscreen device is the fish tracking section, which is a cheat against old school fishers who use the natural methods of fish-sighting.

iDF Intelligent Debris Free Pump System

Another touted feature from many anglers is Fish Pro’s pumping system. It churns out the backwater without making a dramatic mess like all those old school 80s movie-feel jetskis. This is a highlight for some who want a simple no-frills fishing vehicle other than the more expensive but oversized boats. The action is focused on convenient fishing, and it follows its form and functions for natural and non-flashy jetski riding. The Fish Pro is best used by solo fishers, couples, A parent and child team, or a single angler with a moderately heavy catch.