Beach / Surf Fishing Tips For Beginners

Beach / Surf Fishing Tips For Beginners

Beach or Surf fishing is the easiest, most basic, and most accessible type of fishing in the saltwater format. If you have the most basic gear and saltwater fishing skills, you can start with beach fishing and practice until you get good enough. Fishing is all about going for it and learning through experience. And more importantly, having fun.

Many aspects of beach and surf fishing are easy and light, perfect for beginners. Pros and experienced anglers also enjoy it. Those wanting to have a different approach than boating or going on top of the piers enjoy the challenges of onshore fishing. Several onshore, high ground, low-ground, and other beach edge forms of fishing are possible with the right gear, technique, and timing.

Using The Right Equipment

Beginners will usually need a proper starter rod and reel combo, preferably a spinning reel-equipped rod. It is the most basic, easiest to use, and newbie-friendly rod you can start with. You can start with a new kit, or buy a good and full-function second-hand model for learning and practicing cheaply. Either way, this is the priority tool.

  • Beginner rod length: 6 to 7 feet
  • Fishing Reel Combo: Spinning reel combo rod
  • Reel level: at least 3000
  • Lines: Braid and Monofilament lines
  • Fishing Hooks: off differing sizes, start small with round or circle hooks

Next, you need proper hooks and accessories in your tackle box. Start with small to medium circle hooks and lines. The two most common fishing lines are braided lines that are tough and slippery, and monofilaments, which have added stretchability and hold fairly well when knotted correctly.

For convenience, always bring a proper gear holder, whether a light bag and rod case or a fishing cart trolley, which takes out the extra effort and energy you need for catching and retrieving action instead. Bring your complete set of tackle, lines, clips, cutting accessories, and other essentials in your tackle or gear box.

Since live baits are the recommended medium, bring fresh bait in proper fresh-operation containers to keep them alive. They are cheap and can be found around the beach.. You can collect tiny crabs, beach worms, or even frozen bait from the tackle shop.

Fishing essentials also cover more than the direct fishing gear. It also includes the fisherman’s essentials, such as fishing bandana or neck gaiters, skin covers, hats, wraparound shades, boots, slippers, water bottles, fresh bait holders, and gamefish containers. Add more as needed and make sure to run through these needs at least the day before your trip.

Knowing The Correct Fishing Times and Locations

Many beach fishers recommend early mornings and late afternoons as perfect times for fishing. These time spots are effective also in certain location spots. Near piers, early mornings to a few hours before lunchtime is the preferred time. The area can yield a bunch of good fish from those traversing the pier and those hungry for baitfish.

Knowing your baitfish schedule and what types of baitfish are common can help you adapt and adjust. Your choice of lures to best mimic the conditions of the area will produce some good catch. Observe when there are a number of baitfish or a school of baitfish are in movement. bigger predators will lurk nearby in hidden formations or rocks, or travel through lower troughs or channels.

It also pays to know other details to maximise success and fishing yield. This includes knowing the channels or gutters and low spots across the beachline where baitfish hunters may roam following the flow of baitfish in troughs, channels, burrows, and other low or covered spots. Afternoons just before dark are another golden time to observe when some gamefish follow around baitfish. You can spot them from a distance or when you beach-fish on elevated beachfronts where some of them lurk.

The Wrap Up

Surf and beach fishing is fun. As a beginner, it is a good way to practice fishing and knowing the strategies of fish from watching and observing. Pros also use it as another way of fishing using the elements with certain methods. 

Beach fishing is also less stressful and safe, as you stay within the beach area only and you don’t require a boat. You use observation and timing to hunt down gamefish coming to the shore for baitfish and to follow them around. When you know the times and their hangout places, you can win big when you gamely catch a hook or two of these sought-after fish. Be patient, and believe in good luck. Happy Beach Fishing!