Bair or Lure for Australian Salmon?

The Arripis Trutta, or more commonly known as the Australian salmon is a common prized catch among local anglers. These fishes are not technically in the salmon or trout family. While it’s not the most in-demand gamefish, their abundance and the many different techniques you can use on them are great for practice.

They are largely abundant within the southeast, southwest, and New Zealand cold water territories. But they are found on many other pelagic coasts around Australia. They are highly migratory fish and travel in groups for long distances.

You can usually find them near the port areas, piers, inshore areas, and along beach fronts, usually in channels and deeper recesses where they may hunt for prey. You may also spot them along breakwalls, reef areas, and deep estuary areas as well.

Best Baits for Australian Salmon

There are several marine staples that Australian salmon like such as krill, crustaceans, small crabs, and polychaetes when they are smaller. Adult fish tend to go for common small schooling fish, baitfish, pilchards, sprats, anchovies, and squid in its environment of the cooler waters beyond the coastlines. Most of the small pelagic baitfish in their areas are common prey and will work just as effectively as any of these common salmon prey fish.

In order to hook them with these effective baits, you have to develop and use your own techniques. There is really no set technique for our beloved Aussie salmon, as you will learn your own effective ways by experience. Your style might be different despite other advice, and you would need to incorporate the ones that work well within your level, experience, skill, and personal style of fishing.

Baits are effective in different hours of the day, but many have successes from afternoons onward. Some anglers who fish on boats can successfully lure them from deeper waters by using smelly baits.

Other use lures effectively from early mornings till noon. The look of different lures that reflect light with their colours, shiny surfaces, feathers, and other attractive features will attract them easily lure them.

Best Lures for Australian Salmon

Many times, you can match the surrounding baitfish in the area where you are fishing for Aussie salmon. It helps blend in and get effective catches. Some of the most common and very effective lures are the small to medium-sized ones that are easily spotted shiny and metal-based lures, metal spinners, silvery minnow type plugs, crankbaits, spoon type lures, and plastic baitfish lures.

There seems to be no set techniques for luring these salmon. However, many fishers can use minimal swimming action instead of busy movements and they will be as effective. They are relatively very easy to catch, from paternoster rigs, running rigs or surf poppers.

Aussie salmon are aggressive when hunting for food, and they will usually go for your lures when you are in perfect timing. However, there are times when they are deeper or in rocks and they may get difficult to lure. You may alternate from lures to baits if your contraptions dopn’t seem to lure them out.

For groups of salmon, others may use trolling lures while running at a slower, steady pace, and they work quite good as well. You will often find a school of salmon prowling for baitfish food and this is where you can trigger them to strike using your effective arsenal of lures and some patience.

These fishes are unusually headstrong and can put up a fight, so be ready for them once your lure catches a decently-sized one. Medium to larger ones are strong and will demand heavier pulling action.

In Conclusion

The baits and lures we’ve covered today are sufficient to get you a number of Aussie salmon on a good day. You can use a combination of them and learn how each gets different reactions. There are other variables involved, but generally Aussie salmon are common and easy to hook. Baits will work as well as lures and vice versa. Get your game on and bring different tackle to make sure you use an array of baits and lures and see which ones are effective for your fishing style.