3 Reasons To Try Fishing At Mornington Pier

Mornington Pier was established in 1850 and has since become one of Melbourne’s top fishing spots. It is located in Schnapper Point Drive in Mornington and is a part of the Mornington Peninsula. This area is in the southern part of Melbourne, and part of the greater Port Philip Bay. The whole area boasts of different activity centres for relaxing. Check out Mother’s Beach with its picnic facilities along the beach and its Yacht Club dock areas.

Mornington Pier boasts great fishing experiences for the whole year. Preferably, you’d want to visit for fishing in summer and autumn for the best seasons of abundant fishing. The Pier and surrounding boating areas are very popular for fishing. Expect a good number of people to turn out, as many fishers and anglers consider it a premier spot for fishing.

What makes Mornington Pier one of the best fishing spots then specifically? Let us tell you more in detail.

It’s a Magnificent Location

Mornington Pier is one of the most beautiful beaches and pier areas in Melbourne. It is perfect for fishermen who want a great relaxing place, with many different side spots and activities. Its view of Port Philip Bay is majestic, especially during sunsets.

Even a good stroll on the pier and jetty area is already a nice ender after a day of fishing and sightseeing. It is well worth the drive for a relaxed and gorgeous view. Parking is hassle-free with enough free space and shouldn’t be too crowded. It makes for a convenient stop and a worthwhile location for a whole day trip, with good surrounding shops and food places.

Even the surrounding areas are well worth your while. Mother’s Beach is one of the main attractions near the pier. You can have a great relaxation spot at the beach after your day’s fishing activities. Further out near the pier and boating areas, you can hire a kayak or canoe. You can explore outer beach areas for other fish if you find the pier too crowded.

A Range Of Great Activities

Fishing in the Mornington pier and surrounding areas is top shelf. Many fishers always have a great time catching some good fish here. You’ll find that it consistently gets a highly rated 5 stars for fishing. The clear waters and vast expanse are full of activity. But you’ll want to stick to the pier and boating areas as they host a good number of fish on any given day.

In case you have a yacht, you definitely should check out the Mornington Yacht Club. It is available for safe docking with mooring for members. It is one of the 36 yacht clubs in the Port Philip Bay Area and they offer different sailing activities for everyone. Those who have their own yacht and mooring here can go for some really good fishing off the pier. It has a spectacular view of the port and pier surroundings.

Best of all, you can hire a boat and do some fishing around the pier if it’s too crowded. It is one of the best fishing options aside from the pier if you feel like going for a more adventurous fishing trip.

Abundant Fishing

This area of Mornington Pier in Port Philip boasts of abundant different fish and seafood: squid, salmon, snapper, flathead, and garfish. Mornington Pier is consistent for great catches and good times for pier fishing. These are some of the main reasons why it remains a fisherman’s favorite. You can easily hang out at the pier and get your fishing on without any worries.

A bit of advice, make sure to avoid casting in crowded areas, and stay at distance. It’s better to be too far and always practice fair distances when casting. This is important.

You can go by a kayak or pedal kayak, with dual fishing rod ports for good measure along with your basic fishing gear. Just be prepared for dual action as many fish may get caught by your baits or lures. As mentioned, another option for good fishing is by boat. Hire a boat and check out the greater expanse surrounding the pier. Ideally, you’d want to start fishing from the start of dawn to the earliest part of the morning, as the shifting of high tides and bigger winds can bring in a bounty of good fish.

Be prepared to bring some good bait in the form of whiting, prawn, pilchards, mussels, small squid, and even chicken strips. Although live bait is more recommended, you can also use lures and squid jigs for variety. Make sure to bring both your lighter rods and the heavier longer rods for boat fishing to get the bigger salmon, snapper, squid, and gummy shark. Throwing some berley at spots with much mid-sized fish is going to help attract them to your baits or lures.