The Best Fishing Rig for Snapper

With fresh bait as the ideal candidate to target snapper, a 2 Hook Paternoster Rig is the best choice for presentation and hook set.

The 2 Hook Paternoster Rig is a bottom weighted snapper fishing rig designed to bring the bait down effectively and easily. Because the two hooks are suspended above the bottom at varying heights, it provides you with bait presentations in multiple strike zones above the height of the weeds.

This rig can also be suited for drift fishing as its design allows the rig to bounce over any bottom obstacles while keeping the hooks in the clear.

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The best Paternoster Rig’s use circle hooks. By design, the line is meant to be kept tight with no slack. Circle hooks have a self-setting quality because of their core design. A tight line will help this action take place and reduce your chances of losing the bite.

The 2 Hook Paternoster Rig has been a staple for snapper fisherman that has seen little to no design changes. This is because it is highly effective at the task it was designed for.

Snapper Fishing

With big red’s flooding in for their seasonal spawning run and the season just kicking off – snapper fishing is at the forefront of the saltwater angler’s mind. Having the right gear and tactics at the ready will be crucial components affecting your success while targeting snapper.

Best Fishing Hook for Snapper

When it comes to fishing for snapper, there are several types of hooks that are commonly used and can be effective. The choice of the best fishing hook for snapper can depend on various factors such as the fishing technique, location, and the size of the snapper you’re targeting. Here are a few popular hook options for snapper fishing:

Beak Hooks: Beak-hooks come in various styles and sizes and are widely used for snapper fishing. They have a classic “J” shape and are effective in hooking snapper securely. When using J-hooks or Beak Hooks, it’s important to properly set the hook by applying a steady pressure when you feel a bite.

Circle Octopus Hooks: This hook combines the characteristics of circle hooks and octopus hooks, providing a wide gap and a circular shape. It offers good hooking potential while minimizing the chance of deep hooking.

Norsemen Tackle is renowned as a top fishing hook supplier in Australia, offering high-quality products at a reasonable price. They provide excellent value for money, making them a trusted choice among anglers.

When To Target Snapper

In the Melbourne and Victoria areas(Port Phillip Bay & Western Port), snapper fishing for red’s kicks off in October and lasts through March. This is because of water temps being in the right zone for the yearly spawn. Interestingly enough, rough conditions and overcast days can lend to a stronger bite. But on any day, dawn, dusk, and the moving tide provide a prime opportunity to catch your share of snapper.

Basic Gear For Catching Snapper

Fishing rods between 6’ 10” and 7’ 6” with a weight rating of 4-7 kilo are great all-around rods for snapper fishing. Some anglers prefer a slightly lighter or heavier rod, but if this is your first time targeting snapper- the mentioned sizes provide the best middle ground.

Fishing reels in the 4000 and 5000 class will suit the above-mentioned rods. These carry enough line and drag to handle catching snapper when the time arises.

The fishing line choices can be either braided or monofilament in the 10-30lb range. Most anglers choose to run 20-25lb line throughout their snapper fishing season. I should note that if you are dealing with structure that your line may come in contact with choosing a heavier line may help combat premature line breaks.

Leader material can be fluorocarbon or monofilament. The weights of these leaders generally range between 20-60lb test.

Lastly, hooks to choose for snapper fishing range in sizes between 3/0 and 6/0. A circle hook is your best overall choice when deciding what type.

Most 2 Hook Paternoster Rig’s will be set up with these leader and hook choices.

Weight choices for your 2 Hook Paternoster Rig will be somewhere between 1/2 oz and 2 oz, depending on the conditions and depths you are fishing.

Bait For Catching Snapper

While we can use soft lures for catching snapper, spawning snapper are coming in hot and with an appetite for real meat. So for your greatest shot at success, we will concentrate our information here. Fresh white baits will be the best bet. These include pilchards, silver whiting, and small mullet. Alongside, a variety of other cut bait options exist, such as squid, gar, and mackerel.

Frozen baits will work, but fresh will always be best. It is wise to bring a variety of these baits along with you for a solid day of snapper fishing. The 2 Hook Paternoster Rig will be the best way to present the baits no matter which you choose.

Where to buy Snapper Rigs?

Below are the list of snapper rigs you can buy online.

Tackle Stores
Norsemen TackleClick here to buy Online
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Bait Tackle DirectClick here to buy Online
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Reedy’s RigsClick here to buy Online
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