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“The Big One” Mixed Colours Tuna & Marlin Teaser Spreader Bar


Recommended position for trolling the Teaser is the Short Corner (closer to the transom). Best position is to run it around 2 to 3 meters in front of your closest lure or bait, but run the lure or the bait on the other side of the boat Long Corner to minimse tangling.

  • 900mm Span, 4mm Diameter 316 Stainless Steel Bar
  • 200lb Leaders
  • 5-inch Hummingbird Teaser
  • 5 x 9-inch Solid Soft Squids
  • 15 x 7-inch Solid Soft Squid
  • Purple,  pink, Blue, Green and Luminous
  • Teaser Bag

“The Squid And Lure” Tuna & Marlin Dredge Bar Teaser

  • 500mm Long 3.18mm Diameter 316 Stainless Steel Bar
  • Center Leader 250lb Mono , 200lb Wing leaders
  • Entice 10 inch Scud Skirted Lure
  • 9 x 7 inch Solid Squid
  • 320lb Ball Bearing Snap Swivel
  • Teaser Bag

Recommended position for trolling is the shot gun or the long rigger. Run the teaser on the rod with the hooked lure on it

The purpose of this teaser is to:

  • Exciting fish to bite more aggressively and to bring fish to the lures from a greater distance and depth than single lures.
  • To position lures deeper in the water column.
  • Create greater drag so that lures remain in position in rough seas and strong

The “Teaser Max” The King Fish / Tuna / Marlin Teaser


Our latest creation and one of our best sellers, the Teaser Max offers a twist between a flippy floppy style teaser rather with skirt arms.  The result is a teaser that provides some real movement of the arm skirts like swimming bait fish.  The hummingbird provides the disturbed water and noise.

The action the Teaser Max creates is subtle but effective.  It works so well on the surface with or without a hooked skirt on the rear.  You can also weight the teaser underwater as a sunken teaser perfect for King fish.

Main Construction:                                              

  • 4mm, 316 stainless milled bar
  • 2, 9 Inch solid bright squid and 1, 7-inch solid squid.
  • 8, 4-inch skirted lures
  • Jinkai plus Leader 300lb dropper line
  • Jinkai plus Leader 250lb center line
  • 3,2mm, 7×7 Stainless wire arms
  • 5 Inch Hummingbird Teaser
  • 320lb Ball Bearing Snap Swivel

Colour Combinations: 

  • Purple, Pink, Green, Blue, Rainbow & Lumo
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