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415pcs Fishing Essential Pack


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This Pro Fishing Essentials Pack are designed for Australia Water. More than 415 pieces in this Fishing Kit.

This specially designed fishing pack cater for day and night fishing. Cover all types fish species including Snapper/Pinkies, Flathead, King George whiting, Sand Whiting, Australia Salmon, Trevally, Mackerel, Bream, Squid, Calamari, Gar Fish, Mullet, Leather Jacket, Barracuda, Wrasse, Luderick or Black Fish, Tailor and More.

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Whats Included:

1x Tackle Box
1x SWivel Tackle Box
1x 20lb Fluro Coated Mono Leader
2x Fishing Bells
2x Bell LED Lights
100x Green Lumo Beads
100x Pink Lumo Beads
2x Squid Jigs
1x Fishing Scissor
11x Running Sinker Clip
2x Surf Poppers
15x Ball Sinkers
6x Drop Sinkers
2x Fishing Floats
10x Green Lumo Tube
10x Pink Tube
2x Clip on Glow Stick (1 pack of 2)
5x Light Sticks (1 pack of 5)
1x soft Poddy Lure with Hook
30x Barrel Swivels (3 sizes)
15x Duo Lock Snaps (3 Sizes)
15x Barrel Swivel with Snaps (3 Sizes)
15x 3-way Swivels (3 Sizes)
18x Long Shank Hooks(3 Sizes)
18x Octopus Beak Hooks(3 Sizes)
18x Octopus Circle Hooks(3 Sizes)
10x Float Stoppers(2 sets)
2x Rig Storage

Total 415 pieces


Main Tackle Box (Green)
Size: 23cm x 18cm x 5cm
Compartment: 13 max
Description: Waterproof, come with 4 locks.

Swivel Tackle Box (white)
Size: 14cm x 8.5cm x2cm
Compartment: 6

Mono Leader
Diameter: 0.35mm
Length: 100m
Strength: 20lb
Type: Fluro Coated
Note: You are welcome to let us know if you require stronger line. We have 35lb, 40lb available.

Fishing Bells
Colour: Green

Green Lumo Beads
Size: 7mm x 11mm

Pink Lumo Beads
Size:5mm x 7mm

Squid Jig (random stock)
Size: #2.5

Fishing Scissor
Size: 14.5cm x7.5cm
Colour: Orange & Black
Description: Super high quality Braid Scissor

Running Sinker Clip
Quantity: 5x Small, 5x Medium, 1x Large

Surf Poppers
Hook Size: 1/0
Colour: Red

Ball Sinkers
Quantity: 5x Size3, 5x Size2, 5x Size1
Size 3 = 14gram
Size 2 = 11gram
Size 1 = 5gram

Drop Sinkers
Quantity: 3x Size3, 2x Size2, 3x Size1
Size 3 = 29gram
Size 5 = 14gram
Size 7 = 6gram

Quantity: 2
Length: 40cm

Green Lumo Tube
Quantity: 10
Length: 8cm each

Pink Tube
Non-Lumo, suitable for day time
Quantity: 10
Length 8cm each

Clip-on Glow Stick
Quantity:2 pieces (1 pack)
Size: Medium

Glow Stick
Quantity: 5 pieces
Size: 50mm

Soft Plastic Lure
Size: appx 8cm
2 triple Hooks

Barrel Swivel
Quantity: 3 Sizes, 10 each. Total 30
Size #3 = 28mm/100lb
Size #5 = 25mm/80lb
Size #7 = 21mm/60lb

Duo Lock Snap
Quantity: 3 Sizes 5 each, Total 15
Size #6 = 34mm/110lb
Size #4 = 23mm/77lb
Size #2 = 17mm/55lb

Barrel Swivel with Snap
Quantity: 3 Sizes, 5 Each, Total 15
Size #6 = 25mm
Size #3 = 34mm
Size #1 = 40mm

3-way Swivels
Quantity 3 Sizes, 5 each, Total 15
Size #1 = 25mm
Size #3 = 22mm
Size #6 = 18mm

Long Shank Hooks
Quantity: 3 sizes, 8 each Total 18
Size: #2 #4 #6

Octopus BeakHooks
Quantity: 3 sizes, 8 each Total 18
Size: #4/0 #5/0 #6/0

Octopus Circle Hooks
Quantity: 3 sizes, 8 each Total 18
Size: #1/0 #2/0 #3/0

Float Stopper
Quantity: 2 sets, Total 10

Rig Storage
Quantity: 2
Diameter: 4cm
Colour: Random

Additional information
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 33 × 23 × 10 cm
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