Fishing Bandana & Neck Gaiters

Fisherman have battled the sun’s rays while on the water since the invention of the hook. A decent hat and pair of UV sunglasses were the staples for decades. Even with these, face burns below the glasses were common. Thankfully, the face bandana with UV protection has become another standard piece of sun protection for anglers around the globe.

Fishing bandanas are made from a UV protective microfiber polyester material, they are available in hundreds of colors and designs, and they are easily packed along. Whether you call them fishing bandanas, neck gaiters, face bandanas, or buffs – this is a single must-have item for your next fishing trip.

How Do Fishing Bandanas Help Your Fishing?

Face bandanas for fishing pull other small duties aside from sun protection. Some of these aspects can actually improve your fishing experience. Let’s look at how.

When we are looking at the reflective glare of the sun off the water’s surface, sweat beads on the cheeks can reflect those rays back up to your eyes. This can even have just the right angle to get under your sunglasses. While just a small glare, it adds to eye strain and reduces your visibility. The UV protective microfiber polyester that fishing bandanas are made from is also an excellent material for moisture-wicking. This keeps your face dry and removes that glare.

That same material is also breathable. This is important when it comes to wearing it as a fishing face bandana combined with sunglasses. Because the material is breathable, it removes fog building up on your glasses. This again improves your ability to see fish while on the water.

How Do Fishing Bandanas Protect Your Skin?

Skin cancer is something that haunts the lives of those who spend most of their days on the water. Fishing bandanas (face masks) made with 100% microfiber polyester have a UPF value of 30+. UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor and the value represents what percentage of these UVB and UVA rays are blocked. Much like the way they measure standard sunscreen.

As A Neck Gaiter

Even when glare directly off the water is not so bad on a given day, the direct sun rays on the back of your neck (under your hat) will cause the back of your neck to burn. Wearing your fishing/face bandana as a neck gaiter will help to avoid this common sunburn.

As Head Protection

Fishing bandanas go beyond face protection and can provide overall head protection. These masks are tube-like in design and the material fishing bandanas are made from is also stretchable. Thanks to these design features, the bandana can be worn in many ways.

These include:

  • Balaclava
  • Cap
  • Hood
  • Headband
  • Total Sun Guard (Worn over the nose, ears, and up under the hat)

This coverage helps protect those areas of the head from sunburn, wind-burn, and can act as a face wind-shield.

Alternate Uses For Fishing Bandanas & Neck Gaiters

Aside from all the exceptional qualities these fishing bandanas provide for anglers, they are also great in a pinch or during an emergency.

It can act as a washable rag. Whether removing fish slime, blowing your nose, or wiping down a piece of gear – the buff can be used in a pinch and washed off right there in the water.

It can act as a tourniquet in an emergency. This can be accomplished with the face bandana and a stick. This may provide just enough extra time to find the emergency help you need.

It can act as a temporary support for a sprained wrist or ankle. It can apply comforting pressure on knees and elbows. It can even be used as a makeshift arm sling.

The Fishing Bandana

In short, the fishing bandana or neck gaiter provides all the qualities needed by the average angler for sun and wind protection. It packs away small and is easily carried. It can be used in a variety of alternate ways as well.

You can choose designs that either reflects your style or help camouflage your head from the spookiest of fish.

In all cases, this is an inexpensive and indispensable tool for fishermen everywhere.

How to wear a fishing Bandana or Neck Gaiters

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